Holocaust Memorial Lesson Plan Samples

Note to Educators
The lesson plans listed below have been written by teachers; they are designed to be used in the classroom before or after a visit to the Holocaust Memorial. They can also be used independent of a site visit. Each lesson plan corresponds to a historical panel in the Holocaust Memorial’s “Arbor of History.”

Appropriate Florida State Standards are listed with each lesson plan.

Panel #Lesson PlanGrade Level

Panel #1
European Jewish Assimilation/Integration Before 1939
The Holocaust in the Netherlands (2 class sessions)
Grades 9-12
Grades 11-12

Panel #2
Rescuing/Hiding Jews During HolocaustGrades 9-12

Panel #3
Kristallnacht Pogrom
Kristallnacht- Origins
The Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)
Grades 5 & 6-8
Grades 9-12
Grades 3-5

Panel #4
Labelling as a Form of Dehumanization: Jewish Star
The Holocaust Hidden, The Holocaust Revealed (2 class sessions)
Grades 5 & 6-8
Grades 9-12

Panel #5
Nuremberg Laws: Race & Anti-Semitism in LegislationGrades 9-12

Panel #8
Nazi Occupation & Population ControlGrades 9-12

Panel #9
Survival in the GhettoGrades 9-12

Panel #14
Interpreting Photographs of the HolocaustGrades 9-12

Panel #15
Spiritual Resistance: Celebrating a Jewish HolidayGrades 5-6

Panel #16
Wanssee Conference: Towards a Final SolutionGrades 9-12

Panel #28
Making Survivor Testimony Real
A Child’s Face – Recognizing and Understanding Empathyl
Grades 9-12
Grade 5

Panel #30
Nazi Deception and Use of LanguageGrades 9-12

Panel #34
Narrative vs. History in Holocaust
Persecution/Dehumanization of Jews in the Holocaust
Grades 9-12
Grade 8

Panel #35
Concentration Camp Culture: The Orchestra
Children of the Holocaust: Surviving Auschwitz
The Fork
Grades 5 and Up
Grades 9-12
Grade 5

Panel #48
Children in the Holocaust-Survivor TestimonyGrades 5 & 6-8

Panel #49
Post WWII Symbolism: The Jewish FlagGrades 5 & 6-8

Panel #51
Post WWII Refugees: Haganah Ship
Holocaust Survivor Post-War Refugee Resettlement: Israel
Grades 8 & 9-10
Grades 9-12

Support for Reading/Strategic Imperatives:
In addition, the lesson plans support “Areas of Focus” Number 1 – Strengthen Foundation Skills, of the Florida’s Next Generation PreK-20 Education Strategic Plan. Two of its objectives are “to increase rigor of standards to improve student achievement in VPK–12” and “to utilize assessment to direct instruction effect and student outcome.”

Link to PDF about Education Strategic Plan: http://fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/7568/urlt/0073746-strategic.pdf