25th Annual Ministering to the Elderly

25th Annual Ministering to the Elderly
When: June 7, 2021 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM
Organizer: Beverly Horvitz
Contact: Rabbi Klein at rklein@gmjf.org
Status: Approved
Summary: Annual Ministering to the Elderly Conference with guest Speakers: Dr. Elcott Professor Wagner School at NYU Rabbi Laura Geller wrote the book Getting Good at Getting Older. Stuart Himmelfarb Fellow at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

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Learn more and RSVP: https://jewishmiami.org/mttec_2021/

The 2021 Ministering to the Elderly conference would aim to help those who work with older people to assist them in weaving their “tapestry of aging.” The conference will provide you with tools and resources to help support our elders to find the threads of their tapestries and to develop such threads to the fullest, in a way that allows them to deal with the challenges and opportunities of old age. In this regard, the keynote speakers that we we choose will teach us how to empower the older adults under our care to weave their own tapestry. What are the strategies? What are the objectives at different ages of elderhood? How do we help bring the circle of caregivers into the weaving of the tapestry? Those who are older than ourselves are the weavers. And our role is to learn how to support them in creating their tapestry.