Information for Teachers/Students

School Field Trips to the Memorial

When a class arrives at the Holocaust Memorial, they will begin by watching a 28-minute film titled Survivor. Students will then be met by a Holocaust survivor, if a survivor is available. Classes will be given a private tour through the Memorial incorporating the brand new technology programs we have created. About 90 minutes should be allotted for the entire trip.

  • In order to prepare your students, six lesson plans are available for you to choose from that connect to the film and the Holocaust Memorial. Click here for the lesson plans.
  • Click here for the complete Teacher Resource Guide on the Holocaust and for your visit to the Memorial.
  • Prepare your students with background information about the Holocaust. You can find comprehensive materials by clicking here.
  • We suggest students bring paper and a pen or pencil to take notes and to take a rubbing of a name on the Memorial Wall.
  • Have students dress appropriately. The Memorial is an outdoor venue—we suggest bringing hats, sunglasses, sun block and bottled water.
  • Please call if you are running late or need to cancel your visit. Our phone number is (305) 538-1663.
  • Give students the opportunity to use the restrooms and get a drink of water before starting the tour.
  • If you plan on having lunch before or after your visit, student lunches can be kept inside the Memorial offices, and you can make arrangements to have a picnic next door at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Their phone number is 305.673.7256.
  • After your visit, have students write a poem or essay, produce a video, put together a photo slideshow, or create artwork reflecting on their experience at the Memorial. They are welcome to share their work on our Visitors Blog.

In 1994, the Florida Legislature passed the Holocaust Education Bill (SB 660), requiring all school districts to incorporate lessons on the Holocaust as part of public school instruction. The mandate, Florida Statute 1003.42(f), reads:

"The history of the Holocaust (1933-1945), the systematic planned annihilation of European Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany, a watershed event in the history of humanity, to be taught in a manner that leads to an investigation of human behavior, an understanding of the ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping, and an examination of what it means to be a responsible and respectful person, for the purposes of encouraging tolerance of diversity in a pluralistic society and for nurturing and protecting democratic values and institutions."

Click here for more information on the mandate and the Florida State Commissioner’s Task Force on Holocaust Education

Sponsor a Class

The Holocaust Memorial offers free admission to all visitors. Your gift will have a direct impact on shaping the minds of students who visit the Memorial to learn about the Holocaust.

Click here to sponsor student visits to the Memorial

Holocaust Memorial Institute at Yad Vashem

The Holocaust Memorial Institute at Yad Vashem, located in Jerusalem, is a unique and ongoing partnership between the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies.

The program, made possible through a grant from Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Memorial, brings 10 educators from Miami-area Jewish institutions to Jerusalem for 10 days. There, they study with internationally respected Holocaust educators at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Click here for more information on the Holocaust Memorial Institute at Yad Vashem

Community Service Hours/Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities for community service hours are available at the Memorial for participants 18 years and older. Please call the Memorial’s office at 305.538.2423 for arrangements or complete this online form.