Holocaust Reflection Mr.Reese Period 5

Posted on 01/25/2015 @ 10:16 PM

The day that my class went to the field trip was January 12,2015. it was a wonderful experience because i got to learn new things i didn't know before. We took a tour and heard about the things that happened and how many Jewish people they wanted to eliminate and its sad because a lot of people died and went through horrible things just to stay alive not even live.Then the tour took us the hand and we saw the statues and they were really hard to forget especially because the sculpture put such detail into every one of the statues faces. Finally we got to hear from a survivor, he was telling us what he went through and how many times him and his family almost died. I really like the field trip here it got to open my eyes to the horrors of that day but it was also very calming because its dedicated the people that lost their lives fighting every day.