Holocaust Memorial Visit

Posted on 01/25/2015 @ 11:16 PM

The Holocaust Memorial was such an amazing and wonderful place to visit with my school Miami Beach Senior High. While touring the memorial I loved how all the information was given and how almost everything had a meaning. For example, it was explained to me that the trees had a meaning. I was told that the trees had a lot of white flowers because it symbolized the people that died, but then there was a small amount of red flowers basically showing that not many people survived. During the exploring of the Holocaust i was touched by the soft music, the amazing statues and my favorite part was when i got to listen to the Holocaust survivor. It felt as if i was actually there with him witnessing every time he was so close to being killed but ended up being saved once again. i was inspired by this all because the Holocaust survivor Mr. Halls still had the courage to tell all of us about his experience, The Holocaust Memorial was such an uplifting place and I am grateful that i had the chance to experience it.