Lara Montemarani English Honors 1 Period 3 Mr. Reese

Posted on 01/25/2015 @ 04:35 PM

When someone thinks of the Holocaust and everything that happened they usually feel sad and don't really understand why someone would ever do this, and this is how I felt when my teacher, Mr. Reese, took my classmates and I to the Holocaust Memorial. Once we got there we all shook hands with one of the survivors and they took us inside a classroom where the survivor talked about how he felt and what he and his family went through to survive. Every time I go to the Holocaust Memorial it reminds me of the saddening event that many people went through and hearing a person talk about their experience during the Holocaust made it feel even more realistic. Then, we went outside and a man taught us a lot about the Holocaust and how everything in the Holocaust Memorial represents something. After this field trip i realized that anything can happen and nobody should take life for granted.