Alejandro Rodriguez Holocaust Reflection Period 5

Posted on 01/25/2015 @ 03:46 PM

Alejandro Rodriguez Holocaust Memorial Reflection Mr.Reese English I Honors Period 5 1/25/15

Mr.Reese decided that periods 3, and 5 are going to be the first two periods of his class to visit the holocaust memorial on January 12, 2015. I was able to see the large green hand from a distance as I was walking towards the holocaust memorial. When the two classes finally reach the holocaust memorial, an elderly man came and introduced himself to the two classes. He asked period 3 to go inside the building to hear the story of a holocaust survivor. The elderly man asked my class to follow him while he explained how the holocaust started and ended. As we were following the man, he was telling our class how the holocaust happened. He also told our class what some flowers in the trees represented. Our class followed the man into a dome that ha a golden star on top of the dome. There was tunnel that or class went into that led to the green hand. In the walls inside the tunnels, there were names of the camps that treated the Jewish population horribly. As our class walked through the tunnel, I saw a statue of a mother holding his son that was crying. When our class reached the hand, the first thing I notice was all the walls that had the names of all the Jewish people that weren’t able to thrive and live their life to the fullest. Our class walked back to the entrance a couple minutes after reaching the hand. After our class got to the entrance, the third period class left the building and went on the same tour that our class went. We went inside the building, and met the holocaust survivor. The holocaust survivors’ name is Allen Hall. After about forty minutes, I heard Allen’s’ life story of the holocaust. Allen had many events during the holocaust which made him very lucky. One of Allen’s lucky events was that he found sugar to make sugar water for his brother that was recently born, and getting sugar in Germany at that time was very hard. When Allen finished telling his story, our class went outside and, reunited with the other class. We walked back to school, and went back to our classes.