Paloma Nunez- English Honors 1 period 3-Mr. Reese

Posted on 01/24/2015 @ 10:44 AM

On January 12, Mr. Reese took two of his classes to the Holocaust Memorial. We personally got to shake a Holocaust survivors hand, Allan Hall, and hear his story on trying to live, in his young ages, through this genocide. Once Hall started talking, everyone in the room immediately had sympathy for him. He lived under a desk in a small closet in a building with his mother. They lived off of eating potato peels that the Nazi's working above them, threw in the trash. His father came in and out trying to hide and not seek attention. No one should ever have to go through such misery but it's life. We were then escorted out by a volunteer to the tour guide. We learned the meaning of everything in the memorial. The different colors of flowers, the marble on the wall, the floor, the statues, the tunnel, the music, the ceiling etc.. When our guide was speaking to us about the things the Nazi's did to innocent people, I looked at my classmates faces and saw a face of "how can someone ever do this". This was all a very cruel genocide and I'm glad that people were able to survive it. I'm sure we're all very thankful we got the chance to hear the story of a survivor told by himself and learn more about the meaning of the memorial. This trip inspires people to do better things in life and it shows that ones death will matter no matter who or what they are.