Azul saenz

Posted on 01/24/2015 @ 02:00 AM

Saenz, Azul English 1-Honors P- 3 1/24/14 On January 12th, my classmates and I visited the Holocaust Memorial. The volunteers led us to a room where we heard a man speak about his experience through the years of the holocaust . He explained to us how he and his family fought their way to survival. The story had inspired the whole class. Later, we followed a volunteer down to the memorial wall. I was immediately filled with sadness once I saw how many names of the holocaust victims were carved. My heart broke when the volunteer told us that they used gas chambers to murder the jews. I am glad that I got to visit the Holocaust memorial because it had helped inform me about things i hadn't known. I think the monument should honor and respect the victims of the holocaust. It should show the importance of this moment in history.