Nicole Vidi, period 5 English Honors 1 Mr.Reese. 1/23/15. Holocaust Memorial blog entry and reflection

Posted on 01/23/2015 @ 06:30 PM

On January 12th, our class took a field trip with our teacher (Mr.Reese) to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Mr.Reese took his 3rd and 5th period classes with him. The first thing that we saw and talked about with the exhibitor was a statue of a women and her two kids holding on to her. You could see the pain and terrified look on their faces even though they were just statues. As we went on with the tour of the museum, there was a line of pictures and explanations of concentration camps, Jews suffering, things that were happening on the streets during this horrible event, etc. The pictures and the information under the images looked very brutal, as well as sounding brutal also. Carrying on, we went to a circular cover that we stood under and gazed at a fire that never goes off. We also had a quick glance at the entrance right before the ramp at a Jewish star which was located on the top of the covers roof. We then went on down the ramp closed in with walls on the side with names of some of the concentration camps. Once we reached the hand we were able to walk around and see the many significant details around it. You were able to see the pain and scared eyes in the statues both on the ground and climbing up on the hand. it was almost as if they were reaching for help. When i went to the other side of the hand i saw the tattooed number that the Jews received if they went to concentration camps. The hand can mean many different things to many individuals. For me, it meant that the Jews saw hope and were reaching for it in such a way that it was just above their finger tips. Just about when we were gonna leave the hand our tour guide told us an interesting story about a little girl whose statue was at the museum in front of the hand. We were then lead to another statue of a family that had died (they were all laid down beside each other). Every picture and statue had precise detail. After the outdoor tour we headed into a room where we all sat down and listened to a holocaust survivors chilling and scary story of how he almost didn't survive through the holocaust. He was only a little boy going through this traumatic event. The holocaust memorial gives family members of those who died , survivors, Jews or even just people that want to learn about this certain subject a peaceful time to think and remember the lost ones of this terrible time.