holocaust reflection

Posted on 01/26/2015 @ 08:20 AM

Nathan Chiche Holocaust memorial Mr. Reese Blog English honors 1-period 7 24 January 2015

My class mates and I visted the holocaust memorial on January 12,2015.In my experience the holocaust memorial felt like a very lonely and sad place when I went around the memorial. There had been so many different meanings to different things for example, there was a hand reaching towards the sky with people on it trying to climb to the top, there was also around that hand the names of the people who perished around that hand written in stone during the holocaust. In my opinion I had thought that this memorial was very sad and very educational. The memorial for other people who visited could accomplish many things. It could accomplish how the holocaust is a day to never forget and to always remember, It can accomplish the fear and sadness felt during the holocaust, and it could also show that many people had died during this time. One last thing about the memorial that was really cool was how there was a a man who experience the holocaust and told us his story of how he survived it.