Rose Eig

Posted on 01/25/2015 @ 06:48 PM

On January 12,2015 I visited The Holocaust memorial with my school. My experience at the memorial was amazed that someone could execute such a catastrophic event. However the whole memorial is amazing especially how everything has a meaning like the trees and how they have a lot of white flowers (people that died) but then there are small bunches of red flowers showing that some did survive. I’ve been going to this holocaust memorial for as long as I remember, and each time I go I feel proud that we have such a big memorial for the people that died in this pogrom. Its great that we have such a big and visible memorial in Miami beach because Miami is known to have a lot tourist and when they see a big green hand reaching for the sky they wonder what it means, so they stop go in and by doing that they have the chance to learn about The Holocaust.