Charles R. Drew K-8 Center

Posted on 03/11/2017 @ 08:34 AM

My time at the Holocaust Museum was great! I had so many questions to ask about the Holocaust. We got to watch a video and we saw the art and statue of the hand. People were crawling up the hand struggling to find their children. The hand signified to me the struggle for freedom. I have learned so much and now I understand the Diary of Anne Frank better because Anne lost all of her friend and family and memories when she went into hiding and she didn't even know what has happening and she thought it was unfair but she didn't even know what was happening outside the annex until she was caught. Then, just that quick her entire family was wiped out and they last longer than most people. It really showed me that Anne was lucky because everyone couldn't go into hiding like she did. Most were rounded up early and it was clear that their lives were over. All in all, thank you to the Memorial for helping me to make this connection I will never forget it.