Holocaust Memorial Reflection (Rocco Guerri ,3rd period)

Posted on 01/30/2016 @ 11:07 PM

On January 11th, me and my fellow classmates had took a tour through the Miami beach holocaust memorial. At the start of the memorial our tour guide had first guided us to a room where there was a video played about holocaust survivors and their testimonies about their personal experiences , this part of the tour was very heartfelt and profound. After the video was over our tour guide gave me and my class mates very extensive explanations of the pictures of the walls of the memorial . For example their was a picture of the number of people who died in each country of Europe and the amount was astonishing. We were then guided to the inside where the ''hand'' sculpture is and their were many statues of random people and families , all the statues had a look of suffering and pain which makes you think about how awful these people were treated. I believe that the memorial was not something for people to look at and feel depressed about, but something to reflect on and make sure that nothing as gruesome and horrific as the holocaust ever happens again.