Holocaust Reflection Jessica Ott

Posted on 01/29/2016 @ 08:05 AM

I was very ignorant towards The Holocaust before I took this insightful class trip. Whenever I heard anything about Nazis or a Jewish persons rough past I always respected, but disregard the information, thinking it was too political and boring for me to spend my time on. Although visiting this memorial gave me a clear visual on the gruesome horrors that the Jewish community had to go through, the facility provided a beautiful setting where I could take in such a mournful subject while still feeling peaceful. I enjoyed the way the artwork was set up, especially the entrance into the hand sculpture. The music they played was soothing and the architecture included a shadow of a Jewish star. The statue of a mother and her children with an Anne Frank quote, I believe, was very influential. In the beginning of the tour I read an optimistic quote describing her faith in people, but at the end of the tour I read a quote full sadness and loss of hope. During this tour I was watching a TV show and one of the characters portrayed an infamous Nazi, Dr.Mengele. During the tour we got a brief summary of the terrible things he did to the Jewish prisoners. This information interested me and I began researching the twins of Auschwitz. I found myself watching history documentaries about the Holocaust in the middle of class and watching Inglorious Bastards on the weekend. I am very grateful for this trip and it really helped me understand and respect The Holocaust.