Holocaust Memorial Reflection

Posted on 01/27/2016 @ 10:06 PM

The Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial was truly an amazing experience where I got the chance to learn much more about life in the Holocaust for Jewish people. The architecture there astonished me at how well it captured the Holocaust with items such as the large hand sculpture of lost lives, and the large Star of David in the enclosed area leading into the sculpture. All of the Holocaust remembrances that were there did come together nicely in order to give a detailed understanding to me of how much the Holocaust has really affected people in Miami Beach as well as the rest of the world. Another thing that I thought was nicely done in captivating the Holocaust is the curved wall pathway which tells the story through years of the events that occurred during the Holocaust and before it. But what really captivated my attention was the mobile device that was brought on the tour in order to provide extra details that were not completely covered on the walls of the memorial area. Some of the most interesting facts that I learned when I was on the tour which was led by the docent was that first of all children were a large target of the Holocaust unlike what I previously believed about men being the only large target. Another interesting fact that I learned while on the tour was that families that were put into a ghetto which is a segregated area which was for Jews at the time. Used their children to go into the sewer because they were small enough so that they could try and get some food outside of the ghetto to bring back. Following on this fact, I also learned that children would also jump over the wall surrounding the ghetto in order to grab some food as well. The last very interesting fact that I thought was incredible was that 3,000,000 Jews were killed in Poland alone. I would like to conclude though that I had a wonderful time at the Miami beach Holocaust Memorial and I believe that it shows us a darker time in history but one that should not be forgotten and should be remembered so as to be prevented in the future.