Holocaust Memorial Reflection

Posted on 01/24/2016 @ 07:40 PM

The Holocaust Memorial field trip on Monday January 11 2016 was an amazing experience. Although Ill never really understand how the victims felt, I can definitely say that I have learned things that have left an impact on me. This field trip was very informational and the memorial itself was very put together in the way that it captured the suffering that many people when through. I can really appreciate the learning aspect of the field trip because it taught me things that I never knew about the Holocaust before. I can definetly say that I left the Holocaust Memorial with a broad range of information. Its comforting to know that there is a Memorial that people all over the world can go to and learn about a big portion of history. I am glad that this memorial is in my community because its nice to know that I live in a community where people can learn about past events that have helped to shape the community that we live in today. I am very glad that we were able to come on this field trip and learn all these things about the Holocaust. I have to say that the most capturing part of the whole field trip was when we got the see that main statue which is the hand. I like the fact that it means different things to different people but in the end they all somehow tie together. Overall this was an amazing field trip and i hope that we can go and visit again in the future.