Shon Ceballos Mr. Reese FieldTrip P.3

Posted on 01/28/2016 @ 06:51 PM

On January 11, 2016 Mr. Reese’s 3 period went to the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial. We had a wonderful experience with a great volunteer tour guide. We went into the classroom they had and we watched a film. Sadly, we could not have a holocaust survivor volunteer at that time. But, we still learned so much on the film they showed which was a timeline of what happened during the holocaust. When the film ended we had a tour around the memorial. Our volunteer tour guide showed us the pictures on the wall of the memorial and the statues there. She was able to answer our questions and teach us what happened during the holocaust. We learned about the Death Marches the Holocaust prisoners had to take. We were then going to see around the hand and saw all the statues and the hand which is signaling hope to others. We had a great time at the holocaust and learned so much and the volunteer tour guide was a huge help to us learn about the holocaust.