We shall never forget

Posted on 08/10/2015 @ 02:18 AM

Why do we do Memorials such as the Great Jewish Wall in Jerusalem, And this great memorial? Why do we celebrate Purim? So as to never forget. I am not Jewish I am Spanish my descendants expelled the Jewish people from Spain. Time and again we have had people throughout history try and destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Romans, Philistines, Persians, Spanish, Russians, Nazis. All have tried to destroy the Jewish people. And now I must tell you of the greatest threat ever in the history to Jewish existence. The ungodly alliance between Barack Hussein Obama and Iran. Iran has said their main purpose in life is the destruction of Israel. But Obama has supported a treaty that all but insures that Iran gets a Nuclear Bomb. With this bomb Iran can now make good on its threat of the destruction of Israel. Strangely enough the only people that can stop Barack Hussein Obama are the very same ones his treaty will destroy, the Jewish people in the USA. Without their tacit support Obama looses the only allied he has remaining politically and financially, th e Jewish Liberal establishment. You must oppose this crooked deal and stop it and destroy it. God be with you. And please forgive my ancestors from Spain they where ignorant and not much better than Barack Hussein Obama and the Mullahs in Iran.