20 Recommended DVD’s and Corresponding Study Guides/Lesson Plans

# DVD Study Guide/Lesson Plan Links to Standards
1 The Last Days “The Last Days” Lesson Plan Standards
2 The Voyage of the St. Louis “The Voyage of the St. Louis”Study Guide Standards
3 May Your Memory Be Love: The Story of Ovadia Baruch “May Your Memory Be Love” Lesson Plan Standards
4 Refuge: Stories of the Self Help Home “Refuge: Stories of Self Help Home” Study Guide Standards
5 Tak for Alt: Survival of a Human Spirit Available for check out upon request Standards
6 The Pigeon “The Pigeon” Study Guide Standards
7 One Survivor Remembers: The Gerda Weissman Klein Story Anti-Semitism Lesson & Twenty Pounds Standards
8 Echoes of the Holocaust “Echoes of the Holocaust” Lesson Plan Standards
9 Genocide “Genocide” Lesson Plan Standards
10 Treblinka: The Last Witness “Treblinka: The Last Witness” Study Guide Standards
11 Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State “Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State” Study Guide Standards
12 Belzec “Belzec” Study Guide Standards
13 Defiant Requiem “Defiant Requiem” Study Guide Standards
14 Hannah's Suitcase “Hannah's Suitcase” Study Guide Standards
15 Image Before My Eyes Study guide file available on DVD Standards
16 I'm Still Here “I'm Still Here” Study Guide Standards
17 No Place on Earth “No Place on Earth” Study Guide Standards
18 Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good Study guide file available on DVD Standards
19 The Rape of Europa “The Rape of Europa” Study Guide Standards
20 The Short Life of Anne Frank “The Short Life of Anne Frank” Study Guide Standards

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