Alfredo Miranda PR3

Posted on 01/24/2015 @ 11:01 PM

On January 12 are class visited the holocaust memorial with our teacher Mr.Reese. The first thing we did was we met and heard from an actual Holocaust survivor Allan Hall. He was honest and shared his awful experience during the Holocaust. His testimony was heart wrenching tale of grief hardship and sacrifice. Being able to live off of potato skins in a small dark closet and living day by day. Not knowing when death will find you or if you'll even be able to eat. After we said are goodbyes to MR. Hall we walked back to the start of the memorial. During the walk i thought about how would i deal with this situation and if i would even survive it. The start of the memorial was a women holding her children, trying to shield them with her robe from what seems as a unavoidable faith. We went through the circular path shaded by the branches of a plant with white and purple flowers. A we walk by the granite walls we see pictures from concentration camps, burning buildings and mutilated bodies. Later we enter the passage way with kids singing an ominous song as we enter the circular area with the giant hand reaching for the sky. We saw a countless number of name and on the granite slab with the numbers 67 on top i saw Allan Halls's family members name written on the wall. AS we reach the end we see the the same woman with and her children lying dead on the floor. The whole experience and made me have a new respect for the people who went through the Holocaust.