Gan Noar Better Together

Posted on 11/18/2018 @ 04:15 PM

Adults and Students from the Gan Noar Religious School/Temple Bat Yam visited the memorial together as part of the Better Together Intergenerational Program. Click on the link above to watch a video of our visit.

As part of our visit, our intergenerational teams of adults/students took rubbing of some of the words they found written on the walls of the memorial and they worked together to create "found word" poems. Here are their thoughts:

The Window by S.M. & S.C.

The windows were whole and peaceful

But one mad man said, “Only one window”

All were broken and fractured

Leaving broken glass to be picked up

From the people that left the pieces

That went through the window to the Promised Land

In Spite Of by L.S. & D.E.

In spite of Kristallnacht,

inflammatory defiance had thrived

again, is spite of ghettos, battle scars,

the Zyclon B gas, dehumanization,

and then the crematorium

we Jewish people stayed strong,

embraced each other,

and will continue to remember.

Relentless, restless, red,

workers who whisper, wilt wickedly and decay

deprived of dignity.

This mass genocide will be a mark

on our will to exist.

The sinister cinders have since burnt out

but effect us gravely still.

Memories of our ancestors shall forever burn in our hearts.

Even though we were deprived of our rights

of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness before,

we shall always thrive.

These crematoriums must not burn again.

Remarkable Survivors by M.E. & E.E. & S.C.

They went through a journey with

an illusion of promise

life destroyed and through death immortal

the remarkable survivors arose

spiritually with an image of hope

embedded in their mind

as the death camp broke families

they became even stronger.